Event Time: evening / Event Location: Kelaniya Temple

In Sri Lanka Peraheras are a regular event. Every month there is a perahera somewhere in the island. The Duruthu Pererahera in Kelaniya, which just concluded is the first perahera in the year. Many believe that this perahera marks the Buddha's visit to Kelaniya on a Duruthu Full Moon Day.

The Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara or Kelaniya Temple is seven miles from Colombo. The temple is considered hallowed because of the Buddha's visit to the precincts during His third and final visit to Sri Lanka, eight years after gaining enlightenment. Its history dates back to before 500 BCE

Compared to the other Peraheras, the Kandy Esala Perahera, the Saman Devala Perahera in Ratnapura and the Devundara Esala Perahera, Kelaniya's Duruthu Perahera is new. It has a very short history, not yet 100 years old.